January 29, 2016

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A delightful gift for the discerning chutney lover

Vivia Crumps Gift SetWhether for a birthday, Christmas or a corporate gift, our new specially selected gift sets will ensure the unique taste of our chutneys will be savoured and enjoyed.

Selected as either a triple or twin set, there's a gift to suit all tastes. Our Affishionado's Collection is great with fish dishes, or why not try the English Orchard twin pack, full of delicate flavours and versatile enough to work with a wide range of meats, pies or hot toasted sandwiches.

July 01, 2015

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Ultimate Toasted Cheese and Chutney Sandwich

Lightly butter the bread on both sides (a fresh white bloomer is perfect). To one piece of bread, add a good handful of grated cheese that melts well, like Cheddar, Red Leicester or a mixture of the two. Add a generous dollop of your favourite Vivia Crumps Chutney (we recommend Pear & Walnut with Rosemary, but any would be just as scrummy) and place your second piece of bread on top.

Place in a sturdy non-stick frying pan on a medium heat and cook for about 3 minutes on each side. Keep an eye on the time, if it gets too coloured too quickly you won’t get the gorgeous ooze and melt in the middle.

When lightly golden on both sides, lift the toastie out of the pan and place another little layer of the grated cheese into the pan where it was sitting. Place the toastie back on top and grate some more cheese on the top side. Leave it for just over 1 minute – wait for the cheese to bubble, then add a little pinch of cayenne pepper to taste.

Give the toastie a poke with a fish slice, and once it has a cheesy, doily-like crust on the bottom and moves as one, flip it onto the other side and once golden, serve. Remember to let it cool for a couple of minutes before attempting to tuck in!

Serve with a fresh green salad for a mouthwatering light lunch.