Proudly producing scrumptious artisan chutneys and relishes with traditional values

Full range of relishes and chutneys by Vivia Crumps

From our kitchens in rural Rutland, we produce an exciting range of twelve chutneys and four relishes to tantalise your tastebuds.

Vivia Crump’s Extremely Scrummy Chutneys began because so many of my friends enjoyed my homemade chutneys, encouraging me to produce in larger volumes in order to sell them. As well as taking stalls at local farmers' markets, my team and I now make enough to supply selected retail outlets throughout the UK, and they can also be found on the menu in a growing number of cafés and pubs serving high quality food.

While the demand for our chutneys and relishes is constantly expanding, our care and quality remain the same. We carefully source only the best ingredients through local suppliers which are all prepared and cooked by hand in small batches.

Our ethos is that we ‘taste’ first with our eyes, so we ensure that all our products look enticing, both inside and outside the jar.  We create our recipes by putting as much thought into the colours and textures as the flavour, and it is this approach that distinguishes our chutneys and relishes from others.

The preparation of our range blends time-honoured methods of open-pan cooking with contemporary flavour combinations to create a truly unique taste experience that is unique and memorably delicious.

Beetroot Chutney, Chilli Chuteny and Apricot Chutney

To further enhance the enjoyment of your chutney, each flavour comes with our pairing suggestions. Our Bramley Apple & Date Chutney has a touch of ginger, so is an excellent partner to curries, whilst our Pear & Walnut Chutney with Rosemary is superb with roast lamb. Try our Chilli & Pineapple Chutney with a fried breakfast to kick start your day, or take it a step further and use our chutneys or relishes as a brush-on sauce. In particular, our award-winning Lemon & Mustard Relish is recommended on roast chicken to add a wonderful flavour to the skin. Also, if you visit our farmers' market stalls you can enjoy the chutneys cooked into sausage or vegetarian rolls, packing punch and flavour from the inside out!

Feta Tart with Caramalised Onion Chutney and Bramley Apple Chutney
Vivia Crumps Pear Chutney and Apricot Chutney